Welcome To Moses Chikoti

I have always felt frustrated by how poorly Africa is represented to the outside world when it comes to our local products being known and appreciated. For a long time I have wanted to find a way to be able to show the world what amazing talent we have in Africa and how our products can be worldclass without having to be Westernised.

If you look at most products from Africa, say fruits,  vegetables, flowers or precious stones, they are sold in the West without much reference to their origin. People buying those products do not know that they are of African origin.

After years of brooding on the idea, and countless months trying to navigate the not-so-Africa-friendly ecommerce world, I am Pleased to announcs the launch of moses-chikoti.com - "African Handmade Luxury".

The idea is simple - find high quality products made in Africa and market them to the Western world so that people there can appreciate and have access to African handmade goods without necessarily have to come to Africa for a holiday or work and so on.

The focus to start is on African jewellery and clothing for both men and women,  as well as African arts and crafts. 

We have gone out of our way to source uniqur pieces of art and crafts that stand out from the rest and are of the highest standards. These would make a great piece for any household room  or office, not to mention being great conversation starters.

So welcome to moses-chikoti.com, a unique online store celebrating handmade African luxury and excellence.