About Moses Chikoti

Moses Chikoti is all about sourcing the best African made and African-inspired products for you, our clients, that are passionate about Africa, its culture and its people.

We take considerable time to find our products and check their general aesthetic appeal and quality. We are passionate about handmade products and this is our major focus.   Many of our sources are the craftsmen and women that make these marvelous handmade products themselves.

When we list non-handmade products we ensure that they are the best available.

Only products that meet our strict criteria make it to the store. Such criteria include giving you the best value for money pricewise so that you can save some money as you shop. Quick delivery time is also of prime importance. 

If you have any products you would like that are not listed on the store, please drop us a message using our contact page and we can see how to help you. 

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